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Oranges & Lemons

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The design is based on an earlier, more idiosyncratic, version of the popular children’s rhyme than the one everybody knows to-day. This particular variant of 1830 has more arcane poetry, more verses and, of course, more East End churches.
Each chime is a reference to the trades, activities or historical characteristics associated with each Parish. St John’s in the Tower of London, for example, is linked to torture and interrogation, St Dunstan’s at Stepney with sailors at sea, St Leonard‘s at Shoreditch with an enduring poverty, St Sepulchre at the Old Bailey with the nearby debtors’ prison at Newgate, etc, etc.

The print is a limited edition of 50 (although only a handful remain!), 2 colours (the colours were chosen to reflect traditional orange (and other fruit) tissue wrapping designs), 50 cm wide by 70 cm high (a standard frame size!), high quality paper (approx 300 gsm).