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Paul Bommer

Lion & Unicorn

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This print shows the Royal Standard of Great Britain, the coat-of-arms of the monarch since Queen Victoria to the present day, flanked by the Lion of England and the Unicorn of Scotland (introduced by James I and replacing the Welsh Dragon of the Tudors). By extension it is also the coat-of-arms of all the people of this realm - personally I love the quaint formality and symbolism, and the way that in heraldry Lions are somewhat less ferocious than their counterparts found on the African grasslands and that Unicorns are somewhat more spiky and spirited than the versions usually found in New Age gift shops. Perhaps, just maybe, the Unicorn of Scotland is getting a little restless, who can say? ;-)

The Lion & Unicorn is printed in a strictly limited edition of 50. It is printed in 4 colours on 300 gsm Heritage paper and measures 50 cm wide by 70 cm high (B2, a standard frame size!).