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Paul Bommer

My Love in Her Attyre (Rose-Pistachio)

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This limited edition screen-print, in a new Rose-Pistachio colourway, is based upon the words of an anonymous Elizabethan madrigal and inspired by Medieval manuscript illumination and stumpwork embroidery.

My Love in her Attyre doth shew her Witt,
It doth so well become her:
For ev'ry Season she hath dressings fitt,
For Winter, Spring and Summer.
No Beautie shee doth misse,
When all her Robes are on:
But Beauties selfe shee is,
When all her Robes are gone.

The print features a pair of lovers in playful pursuit, lost in the branches of a fecund forest ripe with fruits, flowers and foliage. The poem floats in a heart-shaped clearing above them surrounded by a host of birds, bugs and other woodland creatures, whilst cupid, bow and arrow in hand, looks down from on high.

The print measures 42 cm high by 30 across (A3 - a standard frame-size) and in a strictly limited edition of 35, signed by the Artist. Printed on 350 gsm Colorplan Pistachio.

A handful are also available in a soft pink and a vibrant green colourway.