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Paul Bommer

Yan Tan Tethera

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Yan Tan Tethera

This limited edition screen print is based upon the traditional British sheep counting system of Yan Tan Tethera. A base-five counting system, it is ultimately derived from Brythonic celtic and was once prevalent throughout the Kingdom, especially in Wales and northern England.

There are many regional variations -what I have shown here is cobbled together from several traditions - namely that used in the Derbyshire Dales, Lincolnshire, Tong valley and Teesdale.

This print measures 42 cm across by 30 cm high ( A3 - a standard frame-size) and is a strictly limited edition of 35, signed by the Artist. Printed on 300 gsm paper the print can be yours (or a loved one's!) for £100 + P&P and is available for purchase here and from other reputable outlets.